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↑QVGA用のこれまたIME 31J風のインプットパネルである。


MS IME31 J風日本語入力パネル QVGA用 3MB


Asukaly yorus!


1;インストール先は必ず「本体メモリー」へ  インストールすること。



 アンインストール前にPocket Tweakやレジストリエディターで



1;PLS read this:
@Attention; On My Exec and Himalaya, they can work without

But possiblity of some un-bootable trouble after install those

So make sure BACK UP your datas to avoid lost.

@Do not install exept Main Memory. If you Select Storage Card
as a target location to install,

Deveice will not boot again forever,

@This IME will set as Default IME of OS automatlicaly.

So OS can not boot becouse of missing Default IME, after you
Uninstall this.,

To escape from this issue, change the defeult IME to the Ohter
IME which was original

on your OS before 1st soft reset after uninstalled

To change the Default IME to the Others, use Registry trick or
some utlity like Pocket Tweak.

But hope u love this and not uninstall.

******If your device was not HTC Device, such like iPaq or
PLS try this patch after install IME


for Non-HTC Devices (pls try one of two files in this ZIP)

This patch should be installesd *after installed IME but before
make soft reset.

@Cansel to make Softrest after install IME, then install this

And pls dont forget those IME are only for WM5, not PPC2003 or
any devicees eralier than WM5.

Hope you can test and report me about this patch



  1. Asukal様
    上記の注意事項をよく読まずに実行してしまいました。素人なのでよくわかりませんが、ハードリセットの方法はどのようにすればよろしいでしょうか?起動しない状態からの修復というのは可能でしょうか?ソフトリセットで立ち上げ途中に上3分の2が真っ白で、下3分の1がブランドロゴ模様です。その後電源が落ちます。ちなみにi-mobileベースのものでk-jar(?)とかいう機種があったと思うのですが、それを流用したタイブランドの”PhoneOne S901\

    コメント by Hiro — 2008/12/26 金曜日 @ 4:11:52

  2. dear asuka san

    i use Asus P735 that doesn\’t have keyboard on machine.
    it is QVGA OS-6.0.
    after installed the program of Enable_IME_2, it shows nothing…, i can\’t find the IME input method in my mobile…
    i had tryied many time but didn\’t sucess and wanna beg you teaching how to set it up.
    i refered the link of below to set it up but i can\’t solve the keyboard problem.
    *before i performed the above link of methond, i tried your way many but failed.
    please help me, thank you.

    コメント by peterwu5104 — 2009/3/12 木曜日 @ 20:57:11

  3. In my case (HTC Touch ELF French version):
    1 Install LetsJapan6.cab
    2.Install MS_IME31_QVGA_F.cab
    3.Changing HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Layouts\e0010411 “Keyboard Layout” from 00000411 to 00000409
    This enabled Japanese IME (and disabled eT9) and fixed the problem of Talk/End + OK button not working.

    (I did change the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload and “1” to e0010409, first, but put it back to e0010411).

    If I want to switch back to eT9, only thing I have to do is changing HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload and “1” to e0010409 and reset. This disables Japanese IME and enables eT9.

    So far, I didn’t find a way to switch Japanese IME and eT9 without resetting.

    コメント by ETK — 2009/6/22 月曜日 @ 19:25:14

  4. 機種 HTC JADE(Touch 3G)英語版にて
    MS IME31 J風日本語E力パネル QVGA用と
    Atok for windows mobile は混在できました、E
    Let Japan#6
    MS IME31 J風日本語E力パネル

    コメント by kyaba — 2009/6/30 火曜日 @ 12:30:40

  5. I installed lets japan6 on my Htc tytn and my question is? I can read and write characters but i can\’t send email through explorer, hotmail or skyfire browsers.

    What am i doing wrong?

    I appreciate some advise on this issue.

    コメント by DBU — 2009/10/31 土曜日 @ 16:19:18

  6. OMNIA 2 にVGA用 IME 日本語E力をぁEてみたが、うまく立ち上がってるが入力E空白のままで、なぜでしょぁE、Eets Japan はぁEく表示できてる、E />

    コメント by takehara — 2010/2/25 木曜日 @ 12:59:24

  7. omnia 2
    にVGA 用IME CAB いれました、うまくたちあがりました。なぜか入力は空白のまま

    コメント by takehara — 2010/2/25 木曜日 @ 13:01:32

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